CIST1530 Final Poster

Concert Poster

I searched for each picture that I thought would make a great photo of each band I would love to see live. Then I looked at the album covers of each band or musician and made a color scheme for that band or artist. I created the background style with the relative colors for each artist, added their picture, adjusted the color of the picture to fit the color scheme. Then I added them all to a "concert poster". I added the dia de los muertos skulls for this halloween concert concept. Then added the concert details.


Jimi Hendrix Link to Jimi Hendrix picture

Steven Wilson Link to Steven Wilson picture

Tool Link to Tool picture

Pink Floyd Link to Pink Floyd picture

Led Zeppelin Link to Led Zeppelin picture

Gary Clark Jr Link to Gary Clark Jr picture

Tool Flaming Eye Link to Tool Flaming Eye picture

Muertos Link to Muertos Skull -

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